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ryuku /monkey-trapper

Born in Hokkaido, living in Sapporo City.
Self-studied illustrator.

Since infancy, I like to draw the picture.
After the high school graduation, I worked as an company employee for several years.
In 2001, I retired from the web production company, and started operations as a free-lance illustrator, such as the character production of the magazines.

The main work fields are cut-in illustration on magazines.
Moreover, I am announcing my artworks in the exhibition of Tokyo and Sapporo while contemplating the work announcement to foreign countries.

I’m a member of the Professional Illustrators Group ILLUSTRATORS TSUSHIN.

Character illustration such as animals and children.
Aims the movement of the expression and pose which makes gentle for the audience.

●Selected Exhibition:
2012.07: “anoko” (CAFE ESQUISSE-sapporo), Solo Exhibition
2012.03: “Anne of Green Gables” (GALLERY & TEA ROOM THE14thMOON.), osaka Japan
2012.02: “Charlie & the chocolate Factory” (Susanita’s Little Gallery),online exhibition
2011.09: “It’s a Small World” (Art Gallery and store Nucleus), Alhambra CA
2011.05: “anoko” (FEWMANY, Shinjuku, Tokyo), Solo Exhibition
2010.10: “ryuku x yayoi kamiguchi: facet” Two Artists Exhibition (Sapporo)
2009.11: “Sapporo Art Stage 2009″ (Sapporo), Illustration on Electric sign
2009.03: “POPBOX -Itten-” (Shibuya LOFT, Tokyo), Illustration
2008.05: “monkey-trapper” (JILLA GALLERY, Tokyo), Solo Exhibition
2008.03: “POPBOX” (Shibuya LOFT, Tokyo), Artist Market
2007.08: “monkey-trapper” (FEWMANY, Shinjuku, Tokyo), Solo Exhibition
2003.11: “monkey-trapper -Children’s whereabouts-” (Sappro), Solo Exhibition

●Joined Foreign Workshops:
2007.06: Drawing Session in Los Angels
2006.02: Japan Artist Groups “Reach” in Seoul (Hongik University)
2006.01: Drawing Session in Los Angels
2005.01: Drawing Session in Los Angels

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