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ryuku /monkey-trapper

Born in Hokkaido, living in Sapporo City.
Self-studied illustrator.

Since infancy, I like to draw the picture.
After the high school graduation, I worked as an company employee for several years.
In 2001, I retired from the web production company, and started operations as a free-lance illustrator, such as the character production of the magazines.

The main work fields are cut-in illustration on magazines.
Moreover, I am announcing my artworks in the exhibition of Tokyo and Sapporo while contemplating the work announcement to foreign countries.

Character illustration such as animals and children.
Aims the movement of the expression and pose which makes gentle for the audience.

●Selected Exhibition:
2012.07: “anoko” (CAFE ESQUISSE-sapporo), Solo Exhibition
2012.03: “Anne of Green Gables” (GALLERY & TEA ROOM THE14thMOON.), osaka Japan
2012.02: “Charlie & the chocolate Factory” (Susanita’s Little Gallery),online exhibition
2011.09: “It’s a Small World” (Art Gallery and store Nucleus), Alhambra CA
2011.05: “anoko” (FEWMANY, Shinjuku, Tokyo), Solo Exhibition
2010.10: “ryuku x yayoi kamiguchi: facet” Two Artists Exhibition (Sapporo)
2009.11: “Sapporo Art Stage 2009″ (Sapporo), Illustration on Electric sign
2009.03: “POPBOX -Itten-” (Shibuya LOFT, Tokyo), Illustration
2008.05: “monkey-trapper” (JILLA GALLERY, Tokyo), Solo Exhibition
2008.03: “POPBOX” (Shibuya LOFT, Tokyo), Artist Market
2007.08: “monkey-trapper” (FEWMANY, Shinjuku, Tokyo), Solo Exhibition
2003.11: “monkey-trapper -Children’s whereabouts-” (Sappro), Solo Exhibition

●Joined Foreign Workshops:
2007.06: Drawing Session in Los Angels
2006.02: Japan Artist Groups “Reach” in Seoul (Hongik University)
2006.01: Drawing Session in Los Angels
2005.01: Drawing Session in Los Angels

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